Trilogy Trends

I’ve been working on the third book in my third trilogy, and so I was thinking about the parallels between my three trilogies.

There’s one really big striking one — in all three, the third book involves descent into an underwater world.

This seemed weird, and I wondered why…

So, I started thinking about what trilogies I’ve encountered in my life that could POSSIBLY have led me to believe that the third work in a trilogy should involve going underwater.

And I realized… It’s Star Trek.

With me, it always seems to come back to Star Trek.

The three classic Trek movies — Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and Voyage Home — stand out from all the other Star Trek movies as a definite trilogy.

And they map disturbingly well onto my Entangled Universe trilogy…

1— a scientific advancement has the potential to be an ultimate weapon

2— complications from the scientific advancement lead to a reckoning with the prospect of immortality

3— answers are found underwater

This describes both Star Trek 2-4 and my Entangled Universe trilogy.

There are a lot more points of overlap between Star Trek 2-4 & the Entangled Universe trilogy, but that’s a topic for an entire essay… and possibly only makes sense in my own head.

Or maybe a treasure hunt? Yes! Go read my books and look for the parallels!

Still, I find it kind of fascinating the way Star Trek 2-4 & the Entangled Universe books line up, given that they weren’t a conscious influence.

There were a lot of conscious inspirations for those books… Farscape, Lord of the Rings, Tuck Everlasting… but not Star Trek 2-4.

I’m forced to conclude that, at some level, my young brain latched onto Star Trek 2-4 many years ago and decided it was the platonic ideal of a trilogy.

Years later, I find myself concluding every trilogy with a journey under the ocean.

Because whales. And Star Trek.

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