Yasper and the Afterparty

I don’t know if I have the energy for it, now that I’ve waited until it wouldn’t be outrageous spoilers… but I have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about how The Afterparty turned out.

The Afterparty is a show that I’ve ended up with incredibly mixed feelings about. Like… it was super fun to watch, and I kind of can’t deny that it was really well done…

But it hurt me? Like in a way that TV shows generally don’t.

Basically… the short version… I found Yasper -immensely- relatable. I find it much easier to understand emotions when they’re presented in song, which is part of why I love musicals so much, and he sang his heart out…

And it looked a lot like my heart.

The first song… “Two Shots” is about how, even after feeling like he failed, he’s picking himself up and believing in another chance. The second song, “Yeah Sure Whatever,” is so charmingly optimistic and hopeful in its ridiculous misreading of the situation…

And the third song, “Three Dots from Stardom”…

I mean, how do writers even pick themselves up and keep sending out submissions and queries if they can’t tell themselves, “This time! This time, for sure, this email I’m pouring my heart into will actually pay off!”


But that doesn’t goddamned mean that you’d murder someone.

And, I know, it’s a murder mystery. Someone had to do it, and it was so clearly Yasper that I had it figured out episodes before the end.

But I saw myself reflected in art… and then I was told that the person I saw myself reflected in was a bad person.

And I’m still sad about it.

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