Highest Aspirations

“If there were a TV show you could have written for… which one would it be?”

Obviously, Deep Space Nine.

When I was in high school and DS9 & Voyager were on the air, they were still open to looking at freelance scripts. My mom told me that, yes, if I wrote one, sent it, and got invited to join the writers room, she’d move down to LA with me so I could.

I have a good mom.

Of course, I had no clue how to actually write a whole script back in high school. I’d written a few short stories—but only when inspiration struck—and started two novels. So, a script that actually matched an existing TV show? No clue. So, my mom was pretty safe in her offer.

I also had this dream that I’d write lyrics to the instrumental pieces on Pet Sounds, send them to Brian Wilson, and he’d be so impressed by how perfect they were that I’d become his full time lyricist.

I dream big. Always have.

Anyway, I never joined the DS9 writing staff or became Brian Wilson’s lyricist… or even finished writing the hypothetical script or lyrics supposed to win me those dream jobs.

But I have since then written a novel that DS9 fans will probably like:


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