Not All Dogs

“Pete, on the other paw, drew a shockingly good caricature of his mother behind bars, reaching towards a cartoon version of himself.” (Art by Elaine Lowd)

by Mary E. Lowd

Originally published in Dissident Signals, July 2018

Lucky was a good dog.  He’d been a good dog all his life.

So why was he standing in an office supply store, watching his three adopted kittens run wild, while trying to figure out how to make protest signs for a rally to free his tabby cat wife from prison? Continue reading “Not All Dogs”

Fred Patten

Fred Patten, a pioneering member of the furry writing community and prolific editor, died today at the age of 77.

Words are failing me, but here’s a picture of all of the anthologies Fred edited with stories of mine. That’s enough encouragement to change the course of a writing career, and also my life.

Rest in peace, Fred.