And we are go…

Merry Christmas from Deep Sky Anchor!

As our present to you today, we’re releasing our very first stories, two tales about scientists at Wespirtech (The Western Spiral Arm Planetary Institute of Technology) and their wacky inventions.  The scientists in both of these tales have to worry about balancing pure science — invention for its own sake — with the practicality of the real world.  They don’t always succeed.  One of them fails more spectacularly than the other…

Slug Time was originally published online by COSMOS, an Australian science magazine.  So, in addition to Wespirtech fun, it has believable science!

Einray and the Biologist, on the other hand, goes completely off the rails into space opera madness, and this is the first time it’s been available to read for free online!

We hope you have fun reading this first taste of the Wespirtech universe and come back tomorrow for two more stories.

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