Campy or Classic? Insect Aliens and Cannibals!

b-movie-style-sfi-fiYesterday, we brought you two ponderous pieces of fiction that thoughtfully explored alien societies.  Today, it’s time for campy B-movie sci-fi!

Insect aliens?  Oh, yes, there are two species of them in The Parable of Two Queens.  Then a taste of the cosmopolitan universe in the ultra-short story Apples in Aruba.  Seriously, whether you like it or not, this story will barely take you a minute to read.

Finally, we wrap up today with Emmanuel and the Cannibals — a story that is so ridiculously campy, there’s nothing more to be said about it.  Except that it’s never been available to read on the internet before.

Tune back in tomorrow for a return to serious sci-fi!

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