Furry Book Month — Week 2!

Furry Book MonthFor the second week of Furry Book Month, we bring you another story co-written by Daniel & Mary E. Lowd — The Canoe Race.  This charming little tale is a type of furry fiction know as Secret Life of Animals.  The world is basically our own, but a spotlight shines on the foibles and mischief that animals get up to when the humans aren’t looking.

Deep Sky Anchor has published a number of Secret Life of Animals stories before, several of them from The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats.  So, our exclusive deal this week is a coupon for free copies of that entire collection of magical cat stories:    XM45U

If you do download and enjoy any of the books we’re offering deals for, please consider reviewing them or telling your friends.

Happy Furry Book Month!

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