The Value of Longevity as Demonstrated by Grey’s Anatomy and Baby Yoda

I’m so glad to have Grey’s Anatomy & Station 19 back after all these months.  They’re such a bright spot in my week.

The thing about great art is that it helps the chaos of life make sense. And when you find a piece of art that can do that for you… it’s like a friend, a teacher, a warm comforting blanket, and a place where you can go to feel safe all at once.

I know every episode of Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been brilliant. But many of them have been, and it’s grown over the years

And there simply are stories you can tell after 16 years (+ 6 of Private Practice & 3 of Station 19) that you just can’t tell without that kind of history.

You simply can’t fake the depth of character and connection to a character that comes from watching them age through sixteen years of life.

Want to know why everyone flipped for Baby Yoda?

We all knew Yoda. I’ve known Yoda longer than almost anyone in my life. So when you see the baby version, looking so much like him, it triggers the parts of your brain that say, “this is a real little person who’s precious.”

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop could’ve made all kinds of heartbreakingly beautiful baby alien puppets, and they wouldn’t have stopped the world in its tracks like Baby Yoda. They’d be beautiful, but sunsets are beautiful. Hell, kittens are beautiful.

Baby Yoda was something more.

Seeing Baby Yoda was like seeing pictures of babies posted by old friends who you haven’t seen in years — babies who look like your friends, but weirdly bizarrely young and all mixed up together. And it takes you back in time while at the same time conjuring the idea of a future.

And that’s why Grey’s Anatomy is important.

Because of Baby Yoda.

I rest my case.

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