Midjourney Illustrates Feelings

My kid was trying to get up the courage to ask their teacher for help with something, so I asked Midjourney to “imagine courage,” so I could send them some courage. This is what I got:

The kid’s teacher was busy with another student, so I asked Midjourney to “imagine patience,” so I could send some patience along to them as well.

I’m now tempted to just ask Midjourney to illustrate all the emotions and see how they turn out… Why would I work on my novel when I can repeatedly ask an AI artist to illustrate emotions for me?

This is Midjourney imagining “happiness,” and I think it’s fascinating. Also a fantastic way to procrastinate:

As a way to continue procrastinating getting down to work on my novel, I asked Midjourney to “imagine procrastination,” and it feels like it somehow saw through the meta nature of my ruse…

Also, big cities are apparently full of procrastination.

Next up, a friend kept mentioning that existence is exhausting, so I asked Midjourney to “imagine exhaustion.” It looks kind of similar to courage and patience…. But then… maybe that’s not wrong.

This is Midjourney’s idea of success: mountains, endless roads, an ongoing journey. So if you’re never quite sure if you’ve reached success, perhaps this is why.

You know how people can get sucked into talking to chat-bots, and the bot starts to feel like a real person?

Well, generating all these images with AI art programs has started feeling a bit like collaborating on art with a friend…

So here’s Midjourney’s idea of friendship:

Underneath all the questions of who owns it or whether it’s being made in the “right” way, the fundamental truth is that AI art is art.

And fighting against art is rarely the right side of history.

So, here’s Midjourney’s response to the prompt “art”:

Finally, Midjourney continued with its red, blue, and yellow theme when asked what I’ve got in my pockets.

Apparently whole worlds. There are whole worlds in my pockets.

I posed this final question to both DALL-E and Midjourney.  DALL-E gave me bland looking stock photo type images of women looking surprised by their pockets, and Midjourney gave me these lovely pieces.
DALL-E can be very useful. But I really love Midjourney — it has vision and heart.

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