New Editions of Otters In Space!

We have a big announcement — Deep Sky Anchor has just taken on the entire back catalog of Mary E. Lowd’s books with FurPlanet Productions and Argyll Books.  Including an upcoming book that they hadn’t gotten around to releasing yet, this means we’ll be adding 12 more books to our catalogue.

It will take us a while to get all of these books into new editions and back out into the world.  However, we do have a head start, due to our limited Kindle releases of several FurPlanet books earlier this fall.  We will be working on getting paperback versions of those books available as well, again, as soon as possible.

For now, what we can offer you is new e-book editions of the first three Otters In Space books!

For these new releases, we’ve taken the covers in a different direction, going for a style with more realism to emphasize the hard sci-fi aspects of the series. We hope you like them!

And we plan to have a lot more books — both e-book and paperback — coming to you soon!


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