Original Story: “High School Dogs”

In a Dogs WorldThus far, Deep Sky Anchor has been a web-zine for reprints. We’ve taken you to the stars, the future, and to the world all around you — but seen through other eyes. Yet, all those paths had been tread before. Now we’re forging a brand new path, leaving fresh footprints.

Our first original story comes from the universe of Mary E. Lowd’s Otters In Space series. Join the young high school cat, Katasha, at a school dance. Imagine what it’s like to be a cat in a world of dogs, surrounded by “High School Dogs.”

“High School Dogs” is a prequel to In a Dog’s World, so you can follow Katasha’s adventures further by downloading a free copy with the coupon code CJ98M before April 15th. If you enjoy In a Dog’s World, please consider voting for it in the Ursa Major Awards.

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