Pluto Cartoons and the Passage of Time

I used to watch Pluto cartoons as a kid, and I thought the silly yellow dog was funny but didn’t know anyone like him.

Then I had a dog named Trudy for sixteen years. She had a lot of the same funny quirks, expressions, and behaviors as Pluto, but she was infinitely more real…

Trudy existed in my life, passing through time in a 1:1 forward way, just like me. I could scratch her ears and give her treats. She could huff at me when I didn’t give her enough treats.

But now she’s gone, and yet, I can still watch Pluto cartoons.

For a little while, Trudy was more real than Pluto, but now she’s this wispy memory shape in my mind…

And Pluto is exactly the same amount of real as he has always been. And that’s weird.

Time is weird. Recordings are weird. Life and how it passes are fundamentally weird.

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