Stable Orbit Achieved

kepler-two-distant-sunsOur stories today take us back to the universe of Wespirtech, a place that we hope you’ll want to visit again in the future.  For although this is the last day of our launch event, Deep Sky Anchor has settled into a stable orbit, and rest assured, we expect more shipments of fiction soon.

For now, the final two stories are both short and sweet — a new story about Maradia the robotics engineer from “Meet Archive” and a richly textured piece about a space trader who deals in unusual merchandise.  Please enjoy, My Fair Robot and Harvesting Wishes.

It’s been an exciting ride from the far reaches of the galaxy to the Earth of tomorrow; from rollicking space adventure to thoughtful examination of the human mind.  Thank you for reading along with us, and we hope you’ll come back again.  We’ll be here.

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