Tribute to Candy Apple Red

I really love the music of Reina del Cid, and I especially love her album Candy Apple Red. Every song is good.

I also enjoy creating AI art, so I thought it’d be fun to put together a thread of song illustrations using Midjourney.

So here we go!

“Sea foam color dream; nothing’s what it seems.” —Candy Apple Red
“In my checkered dress I know, it’s been a long time since 1970.” —1970
“When the daisies die away, you’ll be the falling leaves beyond my window pane.” —Seasons
“Or am I just a shallow fool for wanting a man like you?” —Ferdinand
“He took his little magnifying glass and started waving it all over my past; he asked some questions that he never should have asked.” —Shot ‘em Dead
“Now in my dreams, I’m the queen of everything I’ve lost. But that’s the cost. When you spend your love on something with an expiration date.” —Expiration Date
“Everyone needs some sort of honey from the bee. Everyone gets stung eventually. Trust me.” —Honey from the Bee
“Oh my darling Alice, to me you’re twice as fair as any girl who ever wore a flower in her hair.” —Alice
“I had reached for the stars, but I couldn’t choose one. So it’s here I am bound to remain. I was looking for Cassiopeia; I was searching for gold in the sky.” —Cassiopeia
“So close your eyes and sit a while with me, while our sun, our beautiful sun burns out…” —Burn Out
“When it got colder, I had her over to kill some bottles by the full moonlight; when we’re sober, I barely know her, but when we’re drinking, ah, she looks so fine.” —Brandy and Wine

If you liked any of this thread, you should pick up the album Candy Apple Red by Reina del Cid.

You might also want to check out this other thread which I made for her album Rerun City which is also awesome all the way through. Her music is beautiful and comfortable and so good.

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