Tribute to Rerun City

I love the album Rerun City by Reina del Cid, and I’ve been trying to write a novella inspired by it, off and on, for a few years.

However, the new AI art programs gave me a new way to express my love…

So, here’s a thread of Midjourney illustrations of these wonderful songs.

“I sit upon my throne and wonder: what is this siren song I sing?” —Million Girls
“Heaven knows the way I feel when you’re dancing through my head.” —Let’s Begin
“They know they’d go to the ends of the earth in old Queen Hazel’s name.” —Queen Hazel
“You will make a thousand friends, but they won’t know you in the end, when they cut scene.” —Beverly
“You’ll last longer than a diamond now, when they mine your soul.” —Soul Mines
“My love is like a kingdom, and you’re the only king.” —Suffer
“I’m walking through a canyon range; these legs can take me miles and miles away from your sweet face.” —Where There’s No You
“… he don’t come home until the stars shine bright.” —Treat Me Right
“In the morning, you are painting the sky; by the evening, you are wanting to die.” —Woolf

And a special bonus for the Eugene, OR, variant of “Woolf”…

“…men in overcoats… men in overcoats… men in overcoats…” —Woolf (Eugene, OR variant)

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the fan art, Reina del Cid! I love your music; it makes me happy, so I hoped to make something that would make you happy.

And everyone else?

Go listen to Rerun City!

(Or if you want more like this, check out my similar thread for Candy Apple Red.)

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