Original Story: “High School Dogs”

In a Dogs WorldThus far, Deep Sky Anchor has been a web-zine for reprints. We’ve taken you to the stars, the future, and to the world all around you — but seen through other eyes. Yet, all those paths had been tread before. Now we’re forging a brand new path, leaving fresh footprints.

Our first original story comes from the universe of Mary E. Lowd’s Otters In Space series. Join the young high school cat, Katasha, at a school dance. Imagine what it’s like to be a cat in a world of dogs, surrounded by “High School Dogs.” Continue reading “Original Story: “High School Dogs””

High School Dogs

High School Dogs
Art by Idess (www.idessart.com)

by Mary E. Lowd

A Deep Sky Anchor Original, March 2016

The dance was over, like most high school dances, around eleven. The music stopped, and amid barks and yips of outrage, the lights came on. Without the blasting music and strobing lights, the crowd dissolved into a mass of individual dogs standing around awkwardly. Katasha’s ears flattened, and she drifted away from the bandstand, suddenly feeling weird as the only cat in the audience. The band playing tonight, Dog-Step, didn’t exactly have a lot of feline fans. Continue reading “High School Dogs”

Spotlight on “All the Cats of the Rainbow”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallWhat can I say about “All the Cats of the Rainbow“?  It’s the last story I wrote for The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats.  I hadn’t planned to write another story, but “Cold Tail and the Eyes” turned out so much sadder than I expected…

I wrote “Cold Tail and the Eyes” at the Wordcrafters Ghost Story Weekend where everyone writes a ghost story between Friday and Saturday dinner — then Saturday evening, we all read our ghost stories aloud to each other.  Continue reading “Spotlight on “All the Cats of the Rainbow””

Spotlight on “Cold Tail and the Eyes”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallSometimes fiction is a way to process real life pain.  That’s the case with “Cold Tail and the Eyes.”  It was inspired by a cat named Ray.

My mother and I rescued a litter of kittens from under her house.  There were four of them, so we named them after the Ghostbusters — Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon.  Three of them adjusted very well to their new lives.  Ray… did not.  Continue reading “Spotlight on “Cold Tail and the Eyes””

Spotlight on “Songs of Fish and Flowers”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallOccasionally, my writing group runs out of stories to critique, so we have a writing session instead.  One time, another writer brought cards from a fairy tale story-telling game for us to use as story prompts.  We all drew five cards, and my cards read:

  • Garden
  • Orphan
  • Storm
  • This Comes Alive
  • Husband or Wife
  • And when they died, they passed it on to their children.

Continue reading “Spotlight on “Songs of Fish and Flowers””

Spotlight on “Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallFor the final Shreddy story in The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats, it seemed only right to bring the character back to where he had started — chewing on plants.  And it needed to be a big finish, since — while I occasionally entertain ideas of writing a Shreddy novel — this might be Shreddy’s last story ever.

I listened to the soundtrack for Little Shop of Horrors a lot while writing “Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant.”  A lot.  My eight-year-old daughter, who wants to be an actress, became so enamored of the musical that she declared her life goal was to play Audrey on stage some day.  Continue reading “Spotlight on “Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant””

Spotlight on “Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallThe main character from “Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon” has a history of running afoul of modern technology. So, it was only a matter of time before the cantankerous tabby Shreddy went up against a Wii/PlayStation/Xbox-like video game console.

However, the final form of the video game villain that Shreddy would face stayed up in the air until the editor of an anthology called The Dragon’s Hoard expressed her fondness for Shreddy.  Thus a beautiful marriage was born. Continue reading “Spotlight on “Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon””

Ursa Major Nominations!

One of our stories, “Lunar Cavity,” has been nominated for an Ursa Major Award!  This is a huge honor, and we’re really excited.  But that’s not all!

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallA collection that includes five of our cat stories, The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats, has been nominated for Best Other Literary Work, and In a Dog’s World has been nominated for Best Novel.

What does Deep Sky Anchor — a web-zine for short fiction — have to do with a novel? Continue reading “Ursa Major Nominations!”

Happy Pi Day!

This pie would wish you a happy day if it weren’t so apprehensive that you might eat it.

In celebration of Pi Day, we have a new story from the Wespirtech Universe for you!

Join Prilla — The Little Red Avian Alien — on her journey to make fresh grassberry crepelettes, the way she remembers them from when she was a hatchling.  Along her path, Prilla must negotiate with a reptilian alien, aquatic alien, robot, and her dearest friend, a canine alien.  If you’ve been reading our other stories, you’ll recognize a lot of these species. Continue reading “Happy Pi Day!”

The Little Red Avian Alien

The Little Red Avian Alien
As Prilla listened to the others chatter, her nostrils were flooded with the remembered smell of her own favorite fledgling food: her hatch-mother’s grassberry crepelettes.

by Mary E. Lowd

Originally published in Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 020, December 2014

It was Avian Night at the All Alien Cafe. The avian population of Crossroads Station wasn’t large, but they were vocal and social. The double winged Eechies and the puff-feathered Rennten could always be counted on to attend, since they’d evolved as colony dwellers. However, occasionally, even a traditionally solitary, long-legged Ululu would show up and regale the crowd with stories of how his people had built high-pressure nests inside all the gas giants in a thirty light-year radius of Crossroads Station before humans even noticed them. Continue reading “The Little Red Avian Alien”