The Deep Well of Story

purple-kepler-exomoonsWhen a reader opens a book and starts reading, they’re hoping to get lost in the story, dive in so deep that the words stop being words and start being an entirely new world surrounding them, drawing them in.  Of course, you can always close the book and come back home.  Sure, it may be 3am, and you’ll be really tired the next day.  Still, the real world is waiting for you outside of the story. Continue reading “The Deep Well of Story”

Two Takes on the Near Future

zoomy-tech-pattern-vertWe’re down to the last three days of our twelve-day launch.  We’ll be ending on a note of space opera, but before we depart back to the stars, here are two more stories grounded down here on Earth.

“Viewers Like You” is a light-hearted satirical look at television viewership, reality TV, and our future.  Also androids.  It’s not a story that’s meant to be taken seriously.  Simply enjoyed. Continue reading “Two Takes on the Near Future”

The Thin, Moving Line of Technology

blue-line-horizonThere’s a thin line between science-fiction and simply fiction, and that line moves every time we develop new technologies.  Technologies that seemed futuristic fifty years ago — or sometimes ten years ago — are commonplace today.  The inclusion of a super-powerful, pocket computer with GPS and video communication no longer means a story is science-fiction; it just means the character has a phone. Continue reading “The Thin, Moving Line of Technology”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Deep Sky Anchor!

The start of a new year is often a time for reflecting on the past, thinking over everything that happened in the previous year.

The first story in our next anthology — The Opposite of Memory — asks whether it’s really necessary to reflect on the past.  Why not simply forge ahead?  Leave the past behind.  Maybe even forget it entirely…  Forget Me Not was Mary E. Lowd’s first published story, and we’re proud to be able to present it for you here. Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

…a new anthology begins!

kepler-two-planetsFor the next three days, we’ll be releasing stories from the collection Beyond Wespirtech.  While the previous collection, Welcome to Wespirtech, centers on the scientists at that preeminent institute of research and innovation, the stories in Beyond Wespirtech explore various worlds in the universe around them. Continue reading “…a new anthology begins!”

Asteroid Racing and Sun Gardens

Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Today’s stories take us away from the safe hearth of Wespirtech and forge out into the surrounding universe.  Get a taste for what life is like on the frontiers where Wespirtech is mostly a legend… until the effects of their scientific discoveries trickle outward. Continue reading “Asteroid Racing and Sun Gardens”

Day two!

binary-star1For day two of our twelve-day launch event, we bring you two stories that appeared online originally but have been out of print for several years.

Close-knit communities can be wonderful, inspiring, energetic places, but when you live and work with the same people — spending all day and night together — home can turn to horror on a dime.  In My Words Like Silent Raindrops, a young Wespirtech scientist invents technological telepathy, drawing her close-knit community even closer and, well… read it and see. Continue reading “Day two!”