Prefer imbibing your fiction in audio form?  Here’s a complete list of the Deep Sky Anchor Podcasts!

Panda-Mensional (9:23):

Heart of the Gas Giant (6:24):

Go High (5:58):

Winged Folk Only (7:13):

Of Cakes and Robots (6:19):

The Ugly Sapling (4:31):

The Emperor’s New Bird (3:55):

Sandbeard the Pirate Otter  (5:44):

Ecto-Busters One  (8:32):

Cyclops on Safari  (5:00):

Weremoose  (4:01):

Hidden Intentions  (5:28):

The Best Puppy Ever  (6:20):

For the Sake of the Mushrooms  (4:35):

Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn  (6:57):